November 24, 2011 our family joyfully doubled in size with the addition of our wonderful twins! 2+2=4

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What a month!

What a month it has been! All kinds of developments! First the big excitement... our Disney Cruise! Tons more pics later but it was FANTASTIC! Thanks Mimi and Pa! We were surprised at how much the twins loved the shows and that Ella is a dancing fool! Give her music and let her go! They had fun spending time with their cousins, Favorite Lizzie, Stephen and Mimi and Pa.

Trying on our Disney outfits..
And a few fun times on the ship

Last of which involved swimming and they weren't fans, we'll keep trying though! And that was the only good princess pic we got, they aren't really to fond of them... we shall see how the Easter Bunny goes this weekend!

Now back at home (I mean Michigan) we are readjusting. It's above 40 which is something, but it snowed whole first week we were back. Still house hunting.... not a fun process!

Big things... Ella has her 5th tooth coming in, she LOVES french fries and sweet potatoes. She stood up on her own for the first time just min ago. Whoop!!!! Her hair is growing like crazy, it's a constant battle to keep a clip in and it out of her eyes. She loves reading, the recordable books are favorites of both! She is still such the animal lover! She is close to walking on her own, uses the walkers to push and get places, but seeing as she was the Diaper Dash champ on the ship... she's a fast crawler! She, like her sister are juice monsters! They love it. Ella likes to cram herself into places she can't get out of...
This was between the fridge and a wall, and she has recently really start "loving" on her babies, she was talking to Raggedy Andy

Paige, still just 4 teeth, but has really figured out this walking thing! She can now stand up by herself and just go...
 She still loves reading and is dramatic as ever...

Both twins are very noisy and all over the place but growing way to quickly!! Looking forward to a visit from their Auntie Brooke and Uncle Brandon in about 2 weeks. Things are going well here, the snow seems to have stopped! We do miss our family, got to spend a week with Chris' and enjoyed a great stopover to crash my cousins wedding shower and see my side. What fun! A few short months and we will be back to visit Texas!