November 24, 2011 our family joyfully doubled in size with the addition of our wonderful twins! 2+2=4

Thursday, April 11, 2013


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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April so far.....

April in Michigan... I've been told it's Spring and that it gets warmer here... we'll see! Updates.. we are still house hunting. It is not a buyer's market here! So we are getting some extra close time in the apartment! Looking forward to a visit from Auntie Brooke and Uncle Brandon this weekend! All sorts of fun stuff planned!

Dr. visit this week, Paige is 19 lbs 8 oz and Ella is 18 lbs 3oz. Paige has her first ear infection and Ella's weight is going the wrong way, but nothing to be to concerned about right now, they are both breaking in 2 big molars each, explains ALOT!

Ella is a mess, she has no desire to walk, she is still a fast crawler though! Her favorite foods are mac & cheese, Spaghetti O's with meatballs. She does NOT like chicken. We were going to teach her to use a spoon, tried that with Jello Pudding...
She liked it a little to much.... as did her sister
Why use a spoon when you can just lick the bowl?!?
Ella loves doing handstands
Rockin her ponytail and dancing!
And she is still such an animal lover
Paige has become a walking fool! She is all over the place! It's funny at naptime her "lovey" is a hippo that rattles, you shake it and she can hear from across the apartment and comes running with her arms held high! She is finally paying attention to animals. Her favorite foods are beans, pinto, chili, refried.. doesn't matter! She likes fruit and her veggies and chicken nuggets.
She likes draggin her new blanket around everywhere
And doing silly things
and of course running around without her clothes on... she's a fast little turkey!
Easter was good, they had their first egg hunt and Paige grabbed her two eggs and took off running with them!
They both LOVE the Ellen show and being silly together, plus High Fives are the new thing, don't leave a baby hanging!

Guess who threw the tub of spaghetti on the ground... does the guilty face give it away?!?!
And now we own our first Detroit gear,

That's all the excitement for now! Stay tuned for a fun filled weekend coming up!