November 24, 2011 our family joyfully doubled in size with the addition of our wonderful twins! 2+2=4

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So far

So far we are adjusting to life in this freezing place... things are starting to get a little more active WWE Herring style...
 The twins are all over the place and have figured out their walkers. Walking on their own shouldn't be far behind.
We really like racing!
And thankfully playing together is lots of fun!

We got to go visit Dad at work which was lots of fun!

Adjusting to not being outside as much has been harder, the girls do love the breeze and they seem to like the cold, crazy things! They don't know it yet but they have to have another dr appt this week to get their Synergis shot (prevents RSV). The dogs are not enjoying snow as much... Rylee busted it and thank goodness it's just a bruised elbow and nothing was broken. Could not have handled that vet bill!
The twins talk all the time. Ella still has her shiny 4 teeth and Paige is working, and judging by past two days, REALLY working on three more. Her tongue is so funny, she discovered a new noise because she can rub her tongue over those teeth. Ella likes clicking her tongue, does it all the time! They eat EVERYTHING! Breakfast was big glasses of juice, overflowing oatmeal, with baby food fruit, buttered toast, and half a banana! It amazes me that we were once overjoyed if they ate an ounce of milk from the bottle. It looks like we have given up bottles all together, and baby food too. They want to be big girls! The dogs are loving this stage! Except carrots, they vacuum for me ;-)

Paige has also decided it's fun to throw a tantrum, she will just throw herself on the floor...
But then she goes back to normal self, which is adorable although I hate she's lost her baby smirk, I love that she has this amazing full face smile.
Ella is for sure the messy eater, Paige picks up things delicately and Ella crams it in and then smears it all over.
They have both started doing their chores, laundry is our FAVORITE!
So helpful! Anyway, that's our big excitement, hoping to do some dog sled riding this weekend and go sledding, or snow tubing I think it is at the Fire & Ice Festival Downtown. Should be interesting!!! Missing everyone at home! Love that we have things like Facetime and Tango!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Story

I never expected to get such a reaction out of writing this, so I decided a little background might be needed. I saw this picture the other day and realized how true it was. This time last year we were counting our days and hours by each dr visit or nurses' report. 74 days in all. Our eyes and ears were constantly glued to the monitors that were attached to our micropreemie twin girls. Ella and Paige were supposed to be Valentine babies, instead they chose to make their entrance on Thanksgiving day 2011, at 28 weeks and 4 days. They weighed in at 2lbs. 10 oz and 2 lbs. 7 oz. It was the scariest and happiest day of our lives.

We were blessed in that other than being tiny and early, there were no major complications, physically both were fine. Acid reflux was our major issue. I will never forget holding Paige and watching her turn gray, then blue as reflux caused her heart and breathing to stop. No matter how many times that happens you never get used to it. I remember coming in one day and they told me that she had an episode so bad they had to bag her to get her breathing again. Then there was the night, at 3 weeks old, the dr called asking permission to do a blood transfusion because her episodes were getting so bad. Half hour later another phone call saying they instead wanted to do a spinal tap and they were moving her and Ella back to the main NICU. That was more than I could take so I make Chris get up and head to the hospital. One of the longest nights... there is nothing I have found more painful than to hear your baby screaming and knowing that a nurse is there standing guard so you can't get to her.

But finally the episodes started decreasing as did their need to be on oxygen, Paige finally pulled hers off one day, as well as her feeding tube, and her monitors the day we planned to take them off of her. Set off every alarm! She is feisty! Ella never gave us as much worry, not until we brought her home and a few weeks later discovered that her oxygen levels were to low and we had to start home oxygen. Oh how I hated that! The machine was big with a short cord, Chris added and extension cord and a tow strap and we had to lug that thing all over! I was so happy when months later we were able to get rid of it. I sat on the floor and cried when they took all that equipment away.

Now almost 14 months later, the twins are both 19 lbs and doing fantastic! Ella wants to walk so bad and Paige could care less. They both can say mama all day but when I look at them and say mama, both will grin and say dada, Turkeys! Our apartment is small, noisy, full of toys, and unfortunately still boxes. But it's also full of happiness! The girls are such happy babies and constantly make us laugh, and they laugh at each other too ;-) The most dangerous thing we have to worry about is the jaws of Ella. She loves those teeth, I swear she thinks she's a puppy sometimes! Chews on everything! She can draw blood with those chompers.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Everyone is finally back together, after about 2 months of being split our entire family is home. Parents, kids and dogs. Funny thing is Chris and both refer to the dogs and the twins as the girls so its been interesting.. "Did you feed the girls? Yes. No the twins, not the dogs... oh.  No I have not fed THOSE girls"

Our apartment just got tinier with the addition of Shiner and Rylee yesterday, they have no idea what's going on. Ella is happy to have her dogs back, she is my animal lover. Paige is completely indifferent. They are both very active, Paige loves to get Ella to chase her around the apartment. They are super fast! I find myself constantly asking "where did that kid go?" We figure as long as there's noise it's ok, if it gets quiet something's up.

They both have their new "things" everytime you tell Ella yes or nod your head, she shake hers no. Paige like to point her finger at you, I  think this is because when we were living in un babyproofed world she would seek out everything dangerous, especially electric sockets and I would do the finger point and give her the "Paige McKenzie!" We are in the process of giving up baby food and going to real food, they are like vultures when they see us eating. Favorites are crackers, toast and pasta. We discovered goldfish yesterday.

Anyway, hopefully more adventures soon as I now have a car and a stroller. I'll figure out how to add pictures soon.

Starting Out

OK testing this out to see if it works and if anyone really wants to read! This way I can update family and friends who are now far away and won't clog up Face Book with minor details!