November 24, 2011 our family joyfully doubled in size with the addition of our wonderful twins! 2+2=4

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring is here!

 So everyone told us that Spring would come to Michigan.... it finally did!! It's beautiful here! I had no idea! The flowering trees are everywhere! It's been a crazy and busy 2 months!  First, updates on the twins..
They are 17 mos. now!
Ella is 18.6 lbs. and is now going the right way on the growth chart! Whoop! Her favorite foods are peanut butter, french fries, sweet potatoes and of course apple juice! She can sort of walk..

but gets nervous and falls. She really likes climbing, she learned how to climb all the way up the couch! She loves her Mickey doll and knows how to show you her toes (yes we can actually go barefoot!) and most of her facial features, especially her belly. That's big with both of them! She is still loving on the big Tiger. She can say several words, momma, dada, apple juice, puppy to name a few.
Both girls still love reading. Ella likes making funny faces, she is full of expression!

To show a few :-)

Paige is 19.8 lbs! She is sooo dramatic! Her favorite thing to do is dance!!! Every time she hears music!

Her favorite foods are still carrots, peanut butter, french fries and sweet potatoes, oh and of course apple juice. She can say Ella, and a few other words if she wants, most of the time we aren't sure we want to know what's she's saying! The twins definitely have their own language. It's crazy to watch! Paige loves playing with her babies, Tiger and she's good at sharing, she always gets two toys and brings one to her sister. She has her expressions..

We have been very busy! We had a visit from Brooke and Brandon.. here's what they look like,
LOL! We went to Canada
It was cold, we are on the Canadian side of the Detroit River.
We went to the zoo

Polar bears are awesome!!!
Brookie kept them highly entertained!

Then we practiced getting into things... everything
After a couple of playdates... yes we are making some friends here! Which get us a little wound up...

 Mimi and Pa came to visit!
Pa makes Ella laugh!
Then we went to the Ford Museum,
Ella met some "Big Puppies"
Carousel... notice who's riding and who is hugging her momma screaming...
We had story time too

And naptime, Paige liked to cuddle her Mimi

Plus some really funny videos of what happens when mom and dad leave the twins with Mimi and Pa, but they're to big to upload, I'll work on it! After all that they were worn out!

Next adventure planned? TEXAS! In 10 days the girls and I are off to Texas, yes all by ourselves (yikes!) to see our friends and family there. Oh and buying a house.... still working on that!


  1. Cannot wait to see you guys!! LOVE the blog!

  2. Gosh the girls are sooo big! I love the pics and videos!

    1. Thanks!! I think it's time to stop growing now lol