November 24, 2011 our family joyfully doubled in size with the addition of our wonderful twins! 2+2=4

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

So once again it's come and gone, the merriest time of the year! This was such a special, wonderful Christmas. Pics to come for those not on FaceBook... Twins 3rd Christmas, first was in NICU, second Chris was already living in Michigan and not with us, but the year was amazing!

Ending an at least 58 year tradition, my Grannie and Papa did not do Christmas Eve at their house, instead they came with my parents to spend it with us and the twins in Michigan. That alone made it incredible! Add to it, we had a beautiful white Christmas, Paige and Ella were so excited about it this year and very involved. Seeing it through a child's eyes makes a big difference. Chris and I were up before them Christmas morning we were so excited. Plus they behaved in church Christmas Eve and that is a miracle in itself!

The time spent with family was the best gift of all, my little girls are growing to fast and have sooooo much personality! It was hilarious to watch them wrap every grandparent and great grandparent completely around their fingers. The little Charmers!

We did attempt sledding... yeah... they still don't like it BUT I'm not giving up yet! They like playing in the snow, throwing snowballs and swinging on their swing set. Jess again grateful for kid snow boots!!

Ok, a few pics for now, can't help it!
Paige getting ready for church in her sparkly dress!
Ella taking pics with her new camera from Brookie....

Reading with their Grannie and Papa,
Swing with their grandparents in the snow!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Looking forward to the next year!!!!

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